Earw Thai Suki Boran The Crystal SB Ratchapruek


Earw Thai Suki Boran

offers an original suki and Genghis Khan grill recipe. With the first branch opened more than 60 years ago, the menu has a complete selection of beef, pork and seafood. You can order and enjoy suki, grill and Thai – Chinese food with over 100 choices to your heart’s content.

60 Years of Traditional Taste
Earw Thai Suki Boran passes down it’s deicious recipes through generations. The most popular menu being the traditional suki dishes with pork, beef and chicken that are all well marinated with a special sauce. The Genghis Khan Grill hits the spot for grill lovers. Thai – Chinese menu options include deep-fried shrimps mixed with mayonnaise and fruits, sizzling oyster omelette on hot pan (Fujian Style), sizzling squids stuffed with minced shrimps on a hot pan and many more options that can be enjoyed for just one price!